Thank you for taking the time to look at these proposals for changes to the public realm areas in Kirkham,  prepared by the Paul Hogarth Company.

Below you will see four exhibition boards - the same ones you can view on Saturday 26th in Market Square.  First we want to give you some context.


What is this consultation?

This consultation is an opportunity for you to engage with the concept public realm proposals for Kirkham Town Centre.

What stage is the project at?

This is the concept plan; an overview of the aspirations for how the public realm can be collectively developed to enhance the town. It follows on from an initial consultation event and precedes the final consultation where the detailed proposals for the first phase of works will be tabled.

Why am I being consulted?

As users of the town, you have unique experience and knowledge which, if shared, can help us to develop a design which best reflects the needs and desires of the town.

How long do I have to respond?

The consultation will run from Wednesday 23rd June, for two weeks until Friday 2nd July, 2021.

How do I have my say?

We've created a number of ways. You can complete our online survey from this page, and/or leave comments or feedback directly in our interactive exhibition, or attend an in person consultation event in Market Square on Saturday 26th July from 10:30am – 2:30pm where members of the design team will be on hand to answer any of your questions .

Who do I contact with my questions?

If you have any questions feel free to add them onto the final question of your survey response or please email us at  Kirkham@paulhogarth.com

What happens with my responses?

The responses are collected by the design team and analysed. The findings will help to shape the proposal, ensuring the delivered scheme best reflects the needs and desires of the town.  

How to view the exhibition boards in detail.

Please view the 4 exhibition boards below. You can click on any of the images or links to view theses 4 boards in detail as a single PDF. This will open in a new browser window and then you can zoom in on the text and the detail.

When you are ready, please take our online survey. You will find another link to the same survey at the bottom of this page.

Some of the questions refer back to these boards, so it is a good idea to open up the PDF (it will open in a separate browser tab) when you are completing the survey so you can refer back to the designs

Board 1

This board includes a short summary of the early analysis, results of the first public consultation, images of the current town and an idea of the key deliverables the public realm should achieve.

Exhibition Board 1
Board 1 - Click here to view the boards as a PDF in a new browser window.        

Board 2

Board two includes a concept public realm plan for the wider town centre, annotated to indicate the many proposals that are incorporated throughout. An inserted layout shows how the plan could be broken down into phased stages.

Board 2 - Click here to view the boards as PDF in a new browser window.

Board 3

Board three looks at the materials and character of the proposals along with more detail on Market Square, one of the key focal points of the town.

Exhibition Board 3
Board 3 - Click here to view the boards as a PDF in a new browser window.

Board 4

Lastly, board four includes some annotated artist impressions of how the town centre will look if this concept plan was fully implemented.

Exhibition Board 4
Board 4 - Click here to view the boards as a PDF in a new browser window.
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