High Street Heritage Action Zone
We are grateful to have won Heritage Action Zone Funding from Historic England, and are in the process of setting up a series of sub-projects funded under this programme.
Future High Street Fund Masterplan
In 2020, funded by Future High Street Funding from Ministry Housing, Communities and Local Government we developed our masterplan by Bauman Lyons.
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High Street Heritage Action Zones (HS HAZ) are 4-year regeneration programmes funded by Historic England and local authorities designed to help revive and revitalise historic high streets.  Kirkham is one of only 68 high streets in England that have been granted this funding to give its high street new lease of life. Fylde Borough Council is working closely with Historic England and partners to develop & deliver a number of schemes that will transform and restore disused and dilapidated buildings with new uses, help improve health & well-being restore local historic character and improve public realm.  The Kirkham HSHAZ runs from April 2020 to March 2024. It's total value is c.£3.5m, of which Historic England grant is £1.8m and the rest match (in cash and kind) from Fylde BC and Kirkham Town Council.

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The FHSF Masterplan was completed in 2020, and informed a bid for follow on funding to carry out a number of projects.

In response to the consultation and the objectives of the funding Fylde Council working with a team of consultants, Bauman Lyons, identified 8 key projects to deliver over the next 4 years:

1. Market Square: The Heart of Kirkham

2. Refurbishment of Kirkgate Centre

3. A brand new Heritage & Eco Skills Centre at Hillside

4. Kirkham Arts & Heritage Centre/Community Cinema in the Former Charity Girls School on Poulton Street

5. Enveloping Scheme to shops and properties

6. Public Realm improvements

7. Arts and Heritage Programme

8. Future development sites

These projects are explained below in more detail.

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THE PROJECT in detail
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Get Involved and Have Your Say!
Regeneration takes time and there are a number of ways for you to get involved in shaping the future of Kirkham. During the programme (until March 2024) there will be a number of engagement activities to get involved with.  Please register or subscribe to the Fylde Council newsletter so we can easily invite you to the different engagement activities as we publish them.
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