Each time we would like to engage with you, we will list an engagement activity on these 'Get Involved' pages. These activities may be of different types , including online video meetings, surveys and interactive exhibitions. Some of these will be face to face meetings when permissible.

Each activity will list key information, such as date, start times and end times. This way you can see the window of opportunity you have to engage with the project through that engagement activity. The listing will also indicate which project the activity relates in the overall programme, and also who is organising it.

Each listing will then link through to the relevant tool or registration form, which may open in a new window. This could be a for instance a video conference registration form, an online survey, a public forum, a booking or ticketing system for registering for face to face meetings.

We always list the current featured activities that we wish to promote, but you can also view ongoing activities from the sub menu above. Also check out those activities that are coming up that you can register for. If you are interested in our engagement progress, you can view completed activities where the outcomes are sometimes posted.

If you have any questions about our programme of engagement activities, you can get in touch with us here.

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