When are the Public Realm Works currently scheduled to come to an end?

Work continues on the public realm scheme and will run until at least May 2024 with a defects period to follow. The main highway works are now complete with isolated areas , including the Market Square, still requiring ongoing works.

How long will the bus stop/shelter not be in operation on Poulton Street and is a temporary bus stop being provided in its place ?

The Bus Stops at Market Square and Poulton Street are now fully operational. For ongoing updates please visit www.lancashire.gov.uk or the individual bus company websites.

I am a resident on Church Street and cars are being parked outside of my house for prolonged periods of time sometimes up to 7 or 8 hours and this is making it difficult for me to access my property and park my car on Church Street.

Fylde Council has been in contact with Lancashire County Council to look at any temporary solutions that are available for residents to assist with this issue. Where restrictions are in place we would ask anyone wishing to report a breach of these restrictions to report them direct to the LCC highways team via the link below:


Wherever possible we would welcome the support of local business owners and employees to ask them to avoid as much as possible parking their vehicles outside of the residential properties on Church Street for prolonged periods of time. Alternative all day, free parking is available on Mill Street Car Park on both the upper and lower levels.

What is happening in the Market Square and Poulton Street ?

Information on the proposals for the market square and Poulton Street were shared during several public consultation events held at the beginning of the programme and have also been shared at subsequent public exhibitions held in December 2022 and January 2023.The Public Realm works will consist of improvements to the footways and carriageways, the extent of which can be seen on the below plan. The Public Realm Improvements will also include new lighting, green bus shelters, new street furniture, planting, including semi-mature trees, and artwork that includes bespoke railings, pavement art, architectural lighting and a mural that chronicles Kirkham’s historical past.

Following the completion of the Public Realm works, Market Square will be re-opened as are vitalised events space and both the weekly market and the artisan market will resume.Information on the works proposed including car park closure information , artists impressions of the agreed works and contractors works phasing plans are available on our Kirkham Futures Website https://www.kirkhamfutures.org/plans/public-realm-streetscapeinterventionsThe Kirkham Futures website also includes information on the whole programme of works taking place in Kirkham over between 2020-2025.A planning application was submitted in respect of the work to be carried out in the public realm project on Poulton Street, Church Street and Market Square and this application and associated documents can be viewed here https://pa.fylde.gov.uk/Search/Results or by visiting www.fylde.gov.uk/planning and entering the application number of 21/0937.

Where are the original cobbles being taken away to from the Market Square and will these be put back in the Market Square ?

The sets removed from the Market Square were not the original cobbles. The sets that have been removed by the contractor have been transported back to Lancashire CountyCouncils depot as they belong to the highway authority.A new surface will be laid on the market square to replace the sets which were removed which were uneven and cracked in several places. The Market Square will be levelled to provide a new safe events space/Town Square. Parking will not return to the Market Square once it is refurbished so alternative car parks must continue to be used following completion of the works.

Where can you park in the Town Centre whilst works are ongoing in the Public Realm Scheme ?

Free parking is available at the following locations in the Town Centre:


​Mill Street Car Parks- ​ A large two tier car park to the east of Morrison's and adjacent to the Main Street providing 134 free parking spaces and 6 disabled parking spaces with level access to the Town Centre and Morrisons.

Orders Lane CarPark-  Short stay car park near Town End providing 3 hours off street car parking with immediate access to the Town Centre.

Free on-street parking is available on the south side of Poulton Street from Kirkgate down to Town End.

Following the completion of the works in January 2024 parking will return to the south side of Poulton Street within a dedicated layby and Eagles Court (behind Market Square) will reopen for public use.

What will be happening to the bollards, planters and benches removed from the Market Square and street lighting being replaced on Poulton Street ?

The bollards are the property of Lancashire County Council so will be returned to their depot as requested. All street lighting columns are also the property of LCC so they will decide where these will need to go. The planters have now been dismantled and any that were moveable are being stored in a secure location. All benches, including memorial benches , will also be stored in a secure location by the contractor.Many of the benches will be redistributed across the Town Centre to locations chosen by the Town Council.

Some of the benches will be returned to the Market Square including some of the memorial benches. If you have any links to the memorial benches and have any concerns about their movement then please contact kirkhamfutures@fylde.gov.uk and a member of the team can answer your queries.Streetlights on Poulton Street will be replaced with new lighting as part of the public realm works.The conifer tree previously positioned in the Market Square has been moved to a temporary location in the town until the Town Council are able to make a decision about the best place for the tree to be planted permanently. The tree will not be returned to the Market Square following completion of the works.

What will happen to the post box that was in the Market Square ?

Permission has been granted from Royal Mail for the temporary closure and storage ofthe post box until such a time that the works on the public Realm are complete and the postbox can be returned to a location in the town centre.

What will be happening to the BT Phone Box when works start on Poulton Street ?

As this is a live phone box , BT have provided permission for this listed structure to besafely stored by the contractor for the duration of the works until it can be returned back tothe Town Centre following completion of the Public Realm Works. Historic England have agreed the plans for the safe storage and protection of the phone box.

Will the fishstones be returned to the Market Square after the works on the square are complete ?

The Fishstones will be removed from the site under the supervision of a qualified stonemason the week beginning 20 February 2023 under the supervision of Fylde Council'sConservation Officer and Historic England to protect them from any potential damage whilst the works are ongoing in Market Square.They will be returned to the Market Square once works are complete and moved slightly to reflect the position they would of originally been in. The Fish stones are an extremely important and historic part of the town so will be protected throughout the project until they can be returned to the Market Square

Where will the weekly market be moved to whilst the works are ongoing in the Market Square ?

Your regular market traders can still be found operating outside of various businesses on Poulton Street. The weekly market operates every Thursday morning in Kirkham and will return to operate on a fully refurbished Market Square once the public realm works are complete.

Where will the Saturday Artisan market be relocated to ?

Please contact the organisers via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lancashireartisan/ or by email lancashireartisantraders2022@gmail.com for further details on operating days and times and location.

Will businesses around the Market Square and on Church Street, Poulton Street, Freckleton Street and Preston Street be able to remain open throughout the works ?

Yes all businesses can continue to operate as normal throughout the works. Pedestrians access will be maintained at all times.Deliveries will at times be more difficult and businesses are encouraged to engage with the contractor over any specific queries or concerns that they have:

David Bagley

Project Manger

Eric Wright Civil Engineering

E: daveb@ericwright.co.uk

P: 01772 698822M:07900 820814

Does the public realm contractor have a site office ?

Yes the site office for Eric Wright Civil Engineering is based at Eagles Court Car Park at the rear of Market Square

Will on-street Parking still be available on Poulton Street once the works are complete ?

On street parking will still be available once the works are complete but it will move from the North Side of Poulton Street to the South side of Poulton Street in a dedicated layby. The masterplan and layout showing this change can be viewed on the Public Realm project page.

When will the Market Square reopen for parking?

Following the refurbishment of the Market Square the area will not reopen for parking it will reopen as an events space for events and for markets to be held. The EconomicDevelopment Team at Fylde Council will be working closely with the operators of both the weekly market and Saturday Artisan Market traders to assist them in moving back into are vitalised market square once the works are complete.

Alternative parking is available at:

Mill Street Car Parks- Two tier car park to the east of Morrison's and adjacent to the MainStreet providing 134 free parking spaces and 6 disabled parking spaces.

Orders Lane Car Park- Short stay car park near Town End providing 3 hours of free car parking.

On street - parking where permitted. (please note that all on street parking is controlled by Lancashire County Council so all enquiries should be made directly to them atenquiries@lancashire.gov.uk or 0300 123 6701)

Following the public realm works will Eagles Court Car Park reopen for parking ?

Yes. Once the contractor has completed their works and moved off site then Eagles Court will be reopened for the use of vehicles wishing to park there.Eagles Court Car Park is in the ownership of Kirkham Town Council and an agreed has beenmade between the Town Council and Eric Wright for use of the car park as a site compound for the duration of the works from January 2023 until May 2024.

Who do I contact to find out more about the ongoing works under the Kirkham Futures Programme?

The appointed contractor for the scheme is Eric Wright Civil Engineering and the contact details for the Project Manager are as follows: David Bagley Project Manger Eric Wright Civil EngineeringE: daveb@ericwright.co.uk P: 01772 698822 M:07900 820814You can also keep up to date with the Public Realm Project and the wider Kirkham FuturesProgramme in the following ways: Visit - www.kirkhamfutures.org.uk Contact the team on 01253 658658 or; Email - kirkhamfutures@fylde.gov.ukWe thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during these essential works.

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