Ideas for the Future. Two historic projects in development.

November 30, 2020

We are currently working on two project ideas relating to our historic town, summarised below. Get in touch if you have ideas to help us take these forward.

Historic Buildings Research 

This is a programme of research covering the following:

• Based on the findings of our Conservation Area Appraisal (CAA), a walking tour leaflet or interactive online  map can be created. 

A couple of examples of online ‘story maps’ which the Historic England team have worked on, and  have been well received: 

• Bishop Auckland


Ideas: Two half-day events for young adults (approx. age 16-30) to include a walking tour of the high street  looking at historic features and drawing out what people value most about the high street. This age group is  typically less engaged with heritage, and the team is keen to attract new audiences.  

It would be a mix of talking, tour, and looking at historic photos and maps to piece together the history of  buildings. It would capture people’s memories about the places. This could also feed in to the online map. • Do these events physically in Year 2. They could also be run virtually if needed. 

Archaeological Research Ideas 

This is a programme of research covering the following:

• Possibility of ground-penetrating radar to learn about a medieval moot hall which is thought to lie  beneath the market square and have burnt down in 1780! This would need some evidence of where  it’s supposed to be so that the radar could be targeted. e.g. map evidence. This would be an exciting  project right in the middle of the HAZ. 

• Medieval burgage plots: Presumably these will be covered in the CAA and picked up in map  analysis? If there were any interesting examples in the HAZ, they could potentially be subject to  excavation. It could be good to focus on the town’s medieval history as the Roman side has been  studied before- possibly as well as the Roman... 

• Geophysics in the playing fields of Carr School. This could give context to the Roman fort  excavations... 

• Possible excavations e.g. in gardens/public places to learn more about the Roman history. Focus may  be around Dowbridge Way. 

• These ideas for archaeology could be a great means of community engagement and, when  developed, link with the social prescribing programme (in design) .


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