High streets throughout the country are facing economic difficulties and the Historic England High Street Heritage Action Zone initiative is aimed at enhancing the historic character of towns so people can be proud of their town,  making them more appealing and attractive, which in turn should result in more custom and secure the prosperity of local businesses.

Our bid for Kirkham, which was supported by the Town Council and Business Forum was successful and a key part of the project is one of significantly enhancing the buildings and public spaces which together contribute to the character of the town centre. This will be a joint initiative between Fylde Borough Council, Historic England and the local community, to offer grant aid to restore / reinstate historic features of the buildings, many of which are over 100 years old but have been unsympathetically altered over time.  A design guide is being produced based around historical research and archive material which will offer direction as to the appropriate style of shopfronts and other features.  We will engage the community as the guide develops.

We would like to think that business community are wholeheartedly supportive this initiative and as a consequence are seeking to establish which business owners will be participating in the scheme we will be offering generous grants and professional support as a major contribution to this work.  At this stage, the grants can only be offered to properties within the designated Kirkham conservation area (see map). However, as part of a broader FHSF programme to government we are seeking to extend the scheme throughout the town centre

To register your interest in the shop fronts grants programmes, please complete our dedicated registration form .

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This programme is offered through the HAZ funding.

Who offers these grants?

This funding is available under the Heritage Action Zone funding programme.

How much will be available?

We are finalising details and depends upon how many people register but the grant would likely cover the vast majority of costs associated with design and the renovation of the frontage.

Why should I apply?

This is an opportunity to improve your shop front, drive more interest in your business, and improve the overall appeal of the high street, all with financial support.

To register your interest in the shop fronts grants programmes, please complete our dedicated registration form.

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